Здравейте, радваме се да ви видим тук! Каним ви да разгледате нашия сайт. Ще забележите, че сме различни. Имаме специфичен подход на действие с хора и коне и имаме философия зад всичко, което правим.

О, и да, освен това, ние сме и един дяволски добър клуб за езда! 🙂

Not just another horse riding club...

"Love, Language, and Leadership in equal doses"
(Pat Parelli)

We invite you to enter the magical world that arises when man and horse meet and start to communicate.

Do you....

maybe for a long time already want to try riding horses?
or do you feel stressed? Emotional unbalanced? Do you feel like something is missing in your life?
Well...What are you waiting for?...
  • service1
    Professional leadership coaching, teambuildings, ...
  • service2
    Horse riding lessons, horseball, trail walks, games with horses and so much more
  • service3
    birthday parties, yoga on horseback, zen therapy, family activities, horse riding and equine assisted therapy for less gifted and disabled persons,,...

some pictures

We show you here a few pictures by means of an impression. But nothing is as good as the real deal. So, do come over to us and see it all in reality.