Cartouche is a Konik horse. This breed is considered one of the nearest descendent of the first horses on earth. Typically these horses are very smart and thus sometimes hard to handle, if you don’t use the right way of communicating with them. Cartouche was born and grew up in the wild, in a nature reserve in Belgium, just next to the border with France, at the sea. Until about the third year of his life, he had never been handled by any humans and barely had seen any humans, and then only from a distance. Because of his natural herd becoming too large, he was destined to be slaughtered. Dirk, the owner of our horse club was able to save him from the butcher (together with Dorian) and trained him from zero into the fine horse he is now. This was done completely following the rules of natural horsemanship. When he was taken from the seaside to the center of Belgium where he stayed on Dirk’s prairies for about half a year, he almost broke Dirk’s nose. After a ride of about 100 kilometers, when arriving at the prairie, they had to walk a few hundred meters over a path in between corn. But Cartouche, growing up at the seaside, until that moment never saw any corn. So, he was already nervous, but halfway to the prairie, when the wind suddenly blew throught the corn, Cartouche really got crazy. He slammed his head into Dirk’s head and went running. Dirk was almost knocked unconscious but in one way or another was able to hold on to the rope. Until today, Dirk sometimes thinks back to that painfull moment. A nice detail : the zebra stripes on his legs are a remainder of the breed’s wild origin. Cartouche is very much liked by children. And in return, he also likes children. But don’t be mistaken, he has no problem whatsoever carrying adults on his back.