When our club was in need of some extra horses, and we were thinking about horses especially suited for children and for walks, we took up contact with some shelter homes in Ireland, because we wanted to at the same time do something good for some horses. In this way we came into contact with “Hungry Horse Outside” and they presented us Charlie (and Duchess).

Now, Charlie has a very specific story.

He was taken in by “Hungry Horse Outside” when they found him wandering the streets, hungry and tired. When they checked his registration number from his chip and compared it with his passport, strange things came up and a whole horse meat scandal was revealed. Thanks to Charlie, a whole circuit of fraud with horse meat put in sausages and other food was discovered.

Charlie and Duchess were both transported to Belgium and before finally arriving in Bulgaria they stayed several months on the prairies in Belgium, together with a bunch of other horses, amongst which of course Duchess, but also Dorian, Cartouche and Dutchie. In Belgium, he was saddle broke by the owner of our club, of course in the natural horsemanship way.

Charlie is small, but strong and smart. At the same time he is kind of a daredevil. And even though he is a media star, with his story covered in many newspapers in Ireland, he stayed a kind and calm horse, especially suited for children and teens, as well as for adults for their first experience with horse riding.

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