Classica is a young mare, who joined our team in 2017, together with Nicole. Being the “rookies” at that time, during their first weeks with us, they were really unseparable.

Coming from a sports club she had already built a strong spirit. Her trust towards us, was a bigger challenge. When she got colics (medical problem), she barely survived. We refused to let her die. Hours and hours on end, we worked to get her better. Thanks to mainly the limitless devotion of our veterinarian, we helped her through.

She recovered completely. This event however changed her attitude towards us dramatically. After her medical problem, she immediately became much more cooperative and milder towards us. It also resulted in suddenly a swift integration in the herd. It seemed like because of what happened she realized that she could fully trust us and that also in bad times, we were and will be there for her.

She was also accepted by Dakota, the leader of the herd. t this point, we believe that she in time could become the next leader of the herd, the moment Dakota decides to step down from her throne.

Classica is more suitable for advanced riders. The rider on her back should be really strong minded and determined because she’s always testing and trying to dominate in the beginning. At the same time, she is wonderful for a calm walk in the woods even in case you are a total beginner.