Team buildings

How can a horse club be of any service to a company?


The first thing people think about in this respect is Team buildings. And yes, also these we offer. But we offer

so much more

We have also our leadership trainings, our Equine Assisted Coachings.

Who is really leading?

For these we make use of the widely accepted method of experiential learning. The idea itself was already mentioned by Aristotle, but as an articulated educational approach, experiential learning really started at the end of the 20th century. It is defined as “learning through reflection on doing”



Experiential learning has significant teaching advantages. Learning only has good effects when learners have the desire to absorb the knowledge. So, experiential learning requires the showing of directions for learners.

We, as coaches, are not going to show that direction. We let the learners find that direction themselves. And it is the horses’ way of acting and reacting that helps us accomplishing this. We don’t tell people what they should do. We let them figure out for themselves what they should do. In our management courses, participants very often discover things about themselves they never knew. And knowledge gives power. In this case the power to become a better leader.

Of course, we also make us of our owner’s 30 years of experience in leading companies and staff. Equine Assisted Coachings are already widely accepted in Holland and Belgium because they prove their worth every day.

For these leadership courses, no horse riding skills are needed. We do not mount any horses. These courses are a combination of theory, practical psychological games and horse assisted coaching in our arena.