Dakota is the oldest on the block. Not only is she the oldest, she is also the very first horse that joined our team, many years ago. On top of it, she is fulfilling the role of “stallion” in our herd of horses. Although a friendly horse, when in her box, she can become a little bit aggressive towards strangers. So it isn’t a surprise when she pulls her ears towards visitors she doesn’t know, when in her box. She is calm, self-confident and not easily scared. She stays calm in situations where other horses sometimes get insecure. Before she came to us, she was being used as a cart horse by some farming Bulgarians. She easily adapted to the saddle and from the very first moment it was obvious she liked the walks that we do. Throughout the years, she has done hundreds, if not thousands. These days we notice that the years are kicking in and that she is not that young horse anymore. It is why we use her mainly for not too heavy work and we pay much attention not to have her work too much anymore. But she still stands her ground, so she is still often coming on walks with us. Her gentle behaviour as riding horse and her stable mind, make her an ideal partner for novice riders and children.