Dirk, the boss

Dirk combines the best of two completely different worlds.

Dirk with the Belgian vice prime minister mr. Peeters

Dirk shaking hands with King Filip of Belgium, after having given explanations.

On the one hand, as Innovation Coach and keynote speaker he teaches companies and individuals about high-end technological future evolutions. With Future Trend sessions and Innovation Workshops he helps managements of large (and smaller) companies to prepare for the future.

Connected to his job he often comes into contacts with Belgian and foreign ministers, Euro commissionaries and European politicians.


He even had the honor to greet and explain some innovations to the Belgian king.

On the other hand, he is what nowadays so romantically is called a horse whisperer. He does not like that word too much himself, because it seems too mysterious. “Yes, I have a certain feeling for animals and it enables me to handle horses in a relaxed way. But everybody can learn this ‘horse whispering’. For some, it will go faster than for others en the ultimate level will be different from person to person. But a good timing will already get you a long way.”

Dirk started horse riding in the traditional way. Along the way, he started studying and practicing natural horsemanship. He owned 45 acres of land in France, where he managed a horse hotel for several years. There were in between 35 and 40 horses present permanently, where they were able to grow up in a very natural way. Days and days on end, you could find Dirk in those prairies, watching the horses, almost living amongst them. This thought him really a lot. So, often you will hear Dirk say that his real teachers have been the horses.

And that brings us to the main team, the horses.


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