Donovan, or Donny, as we often call him, is a fine example of the Eastern Bulgarian horse breed. These horses are preciously selected in the Kabiyuk horse breeding state farm and are suitable for any equestrian sports activity.

Donovan has a mild character and is a proud horse with nice and very well balanced movements. He will impress many with his size, but at the same time is suitable for any type of rider : children, adults, beginners and advanced.

And yet Donny, just like any other horse, has his own peculiarities. He is smart and he will always start by testing his rider. So, it should be established from the beginning who is the leader of the team of two, and because of his character, he usually prefers to try to take this role. If the rider is strong minded and knows how to impose what he or she wants without being rude, Donny will obey regardless of the level of he rider’s riding skills.

He is pretty high in the hierarchy of the herd and is good friends with Classica. But… don’t think you can just enter the prairie and go put him on a halter. He does like to play games. There is a kind of psychological approach needed with him. If you forget this, well, you will then just see him walk away from you… with an imaginary “joking smile” on his face.

Donny loves his freedom and hates being locked in a box. He is actually one of the few horses in our club that can open the door of his box by himself. So, please, always be careful and lock the door properly when you leave him in the box.

Beauty, free spirit, power and nobility … these words describe him best.