Dorian is the friend and even relative of Cartouche. Dorian was, just as Cartouche, born in the same nature reserve in Belgium and did not see any humans until his almost adult age. At one point, when we was growing up, he was chased from his herd by the leading stallion. And he vanished. For almost a year, the nature reserve’s forest guards were on the lookout for him, but they never found any trace of him. After about a year, he suddenly reappeared. It is believed he has lived all alone all this time, wandering around in the nature reserve. As a result, still today you can see that he is quite cool in his head. Instead of running away from strange things, he most likely will first approach these things to check them out. In the nature reserve in Belgium, as he was no part of any herd, and as the number of horses needed to be limited, also he was picked out to be sold, just like Cartouche. And this meant almost automatically a one way ticket to the slaughter. He was so lucky to be saved, at the same time as Dorian, by our horse whispering owner of the club. Together with Cartouche, he stayed for about half a year on the prairies of our club’s owner in Belgium during which time he was saddle broke and trained in the natural horsemanship way. He came to Kichevo, together with Cartouche, Charly Duchess and Dutchie and today is not only used for riding, but also acts as one of our coaches in our Equine Assisted Coaches program.