Duchess s Charlie’s “sister in arms”. She joined Charlie on his trip to us, from the same shelter home (Hungry Horse Outside) in Ireland. When she arrived in Belgium (before coming to Bulgaria half a year later), it was so nice to see how Charlie at first was really protecting his female friend against the other horses on the prairie. Although this protection was really not needed. Because Duchess is a very social horse and she was immediately accepted in the group of horses in Belgium. She became best friends with one of the smaller horses on the prairie. She was saddle broke by the owner of our club in just two days time. The second day he already went on a walk in the woods of the Belgian Ardennes. Duchess is very comfortable. She has a big back and has a very comfortable way of moving. Although she may seem like a heavy and maybe slow horse, she can be quite quick and maneuverable. But it takes the right rider. She was one of the first horses we used for playing some (amateur) horseball. She can be stubborn and sometimes will use her weight to just ignore you and go where she wants to go. But, with he right mentality, she will start fully co-operating and is really a nice horse for long trail walks or for doing some interesting games with.