Dutchie was born in Holland and around the age of six months, he was brought to France to the horse hotel of the owner of our club. There, in Lathus-Saint-Rémy, not far from Poitiers, he grew up in very large prairies in complete freedom, together with about 8 other horses. Already there it was noticed that it is a very independent horse. At the age of 4 he was taken to Belgium where for a while he lived together with a bunch of horses, amongst which Charlie, Duchess, Cartouche and Dorian. There you often saw Dutchie grazing, far away from the main group, standing side by side with his very good friend Nickel, the horse that gave our Bulgarian Nickel his name. Unfortunately, because of money problems, the original owner of Dutchie needed to sell him. Because she trusted the owner of our club very much, she asked him to take over Dutchie. After careful thoughts, Dirk took the decision to accept Dutchie as one of his personal horses. He saddle broke him (of course following the principles of Natural Horsemanship) and a few months later Dutchie came to Bulgaria. In Dutchie’s pedigree you can find some very fine and well known dressage horses. He cannot lie about his ancestry. When you see him trotting, the word “flying” may come to mind. So, he actually did not steal his name “Dutchie”, that comes from “Flying Dutchman”. Although he was bred for dressage orginally, he doesn’t mind a jump here or there. He is quite playful and if you have something in your hands or pockets, he will try to get it from you and eat it or check it out. He is very sweet, but at the same time he can be quite dominant. He is not a horse for beginners, because he needs riders that know what they are doing and that are cool in the head. If the rider has the right character, Dutchie is a very fine and strong horse that can take you on very nice walks.