About Jackie, AKA Apple Jack, AKA Jack, most people say that he’s like a dog or a cat, because he’s so social and cuddly. Usually when you go to the prairie to get a horse he’s the first that will come to you, curiously looking if you aren’t by accident bringing any treats for him. Be careful! He is very good at picking pockets even though he has been trained not to. But he WILL try with everyone so don’t let himt….

He’s extremely friendly and lovable and as his big butt clearly demonstrates, he likes to be treated. It’s actually a characteristic for this Haflingerss breed to often have a bit of overweight.

Jack is very social and likes to be with his friends. When entering the herd for the very first time, it took him not more than 20 minutes to become part of it and establish his place in the group. Writing beginning of 2018, he is not yet a very experienced riding horse, and still in training. He is willing and eager to cooperate and really enjoys learning new things, but his attention span is quite low. He doesn’t know much about the people on his back just yet, so he may accidentally change directions or lower his head. He is eager to jump as well, but he is most powerful out in the open. Just like most cold blooded horses he is very stable in hard terrains and is very strong – so as we often joke – a real off-road animal. It is a wonderful experience to be on a walk outside with him.