Nickel is the biggest joker in the herd. He is relatively small in size, but don’t be fooled by this. You can often see him leading the entire herd to their next mischief.

He can be moody but in general is a loving horse, and he likes to play around and tease the other horses. He is often demonstrating his agility and acrobatics skills. When it comes to people, he is a lovely animal, very obedient and he is very comfortable to ride. He is strong minded however and he will immediately test you. So you need to set some limits. He requires your focused attention at all times, so we mainly give him to somewhat more experienced riders.

During gallop he may start waving his head around. It is just something he does. You CAN stop him from doing this, if you want so. But you can as well just ignore it and interpret it as him just showing off and demonstrating how cool he is.

On trailwalks, he often likes to stop and graze from the nearby branches. Don’t allow this, because you may end up spending the entire walk pushing him to go on and follow the rest of the group.

In general, Nickel is an experienced horse, perfect for those who already found their balance on horseback and master the basic riding techniques. He will teach you a lot when it comes to communication with horses and teamwork.