Nicole, well there we have a horse that is something else.

We’ve had moments that we wonder if in her mind she is actually a horse or not 🙂 We sometimes also wonder if she sees the herd as being made up of animals of the same species as herself or not.

From the very beginning she came to us, Nicole was running away from the other horses and searched closer contact with humans. There were times that she was looking through the windows of the arena into the cafeteria in such an intense way, that people started to think she wanted to join them on their coffee break. The only horse she really got along with in the beginning, was Classica with whom she was close friends already from before arriving with us (they arrived together in our club, after having lived for years in adjacent boxes in another horseclub) During the first weeks, when on of those two “sisters in arms” was out for a training or a walk, the other started whining so loud in the stables that it was really hard to work with them.

She has calmed down a whole lot since then, but even up until today, Nicole kind of keeps her distance from the other horses. Every morning when we arrive she greets us melodically from the prairie.

She is extremely careful and calm with riders. By nature she is slightly dominant, sometimes she will try to take the lead and will pull a bit harder on the rope when you are leading her from the ground. But once you show her that you are the right leader and that you do not accept her trying to take over the lead, she will collaborate 100%.

She is suitable for all levels of riders with a slight remark that her energetic movements sometimes make the more sensitive people hesitate a little bit of how to ride her.

Great for jumping, she gives the best of herself when obstacles are to be jumped.