Texas arrived with us when we first started our activities. So, together with Dakota he is one of the two very first teammembers. Whe he arrived with us, he was very young, only two years of age. He grew up into the fine, sensitive and powerful horse that he is. With children on his back, or with novice riders, he is extremely careful. And he is very gentle. Being with us from the very first moment, also he has done hundres or maybe thousands of trail walks. Looks sometimes can deceive, because, even if his looks and behaviours are very gentle and calm, he has quite some energy and power underneath the hood. If you push the right buttons, you have a very fast horse under you. Texas has taken part in several jumping competitions and has already won a few prizes, amongst which was the first place in 2014’s March jumping in Vinitsa (1 meter height). We are not a real sports club, directed towards jumping competitions, so that is why our horses are not trained for competitions. But Texas can join many competitions, untrained, which is ideal for clients of us that want to try out some jumping. What sometimes less experienced jumpers or novice riders lack in experience, he fills in. He is an expert obstacle jumper and can jump without too much help of his rider. And on walks, he is a very comfortable horse, with an even rhythm of moving. With his cool mind, he is a perfect horse for both novice and experienced riders.