For Individuals

Take a look at the activities we have for each and everybody


Riding lessons

In our covered arena you can take either private lessons, or take part in group lessons. Too hot? Not a problem, when temperatures get too high, we cool our inside arena with with mist sprayers. We do this mainly for our horses, but guess what, the riders of course also take advantage of it :-)
We teach all levels of riders, so whether you allready have experience, or maybe never before mounted a horse before, we'll make sure you have a good time with us.


Trail walks

If just riding "in circles" in an arena is not really what you are looking for, then we have our trailwalks. These are accessible for all levels of experience. Depending on the level, we limit the number of persons. We also always make sure we don't mix levels too much, to avoid for example a more experienced rider having to always wait for a complete beginner, or, worse, that a complete beginner has to hang on to a horse that is following more experienced riders. Even people that have never ever mounted a horse can come to these trailwalks. Because we always have the possibility of an instructor leading the horse on foot. In this way, really everybody can enjoy a trailwalk.


Birthday parties

Looking for a place to celebrate your kid's birthday, or celebrate another occasion? We are the perfect place for that. A combination of cake and party in our cafeteria and horseriding or -games outside... what more do you want? And in case of bad weather, all the activities can be done inside, because we have our inside arena of course. 


Special occasions pictures

Looking for a location to take your wedding pictures? Or pictures for some other occasion? We have several possibilities.

Just take up contact with us to discuss all the possibilities. 


Present for loved ones

Looking for a present for a birthday or a special occasion? Tired of buying again the same thing? Why not buy a voucher for a lesson or a trail walk. Or even a stay (or part of the amount for a stay) in our appartment in our horse club. 

Either you pack the voucher in a nice wrapping, or we can make something special also. 

Just take up contact with us to see what is all possible.


a (short) holiday in our appartment

We offer the possibility to stay IN our horse club. We possess a nice and fully equipped appartment where you can stay without being bothered by anyone. But at the same time you can live "in" our horse club. 

Are you up for a romantic weekend, just the two of you? Or are you a group of friends that would like to spend a day or two together out of the city, horseriding. Six people can easily sleep over in our appartment.

Take up contact with us to see what are the possibilities. 

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