Our Philosophy

What?! Without a bit?! 

When a person saddles up a horse, puts a bridle in its mouth, picks up a whip and goes horseback riding, nobody will be surprised. But when you tell people that riding can be done in a completely different way, they start looking at you as if you were an alien.

And, WHAT?!! You do not use a bit?! How then are you going to stop your horse? Fool! 

Don't you know that your horse just needs to know its master and needs to obey.  

If a horse refuses to do something, you make yourself "big" and "be boss". Hit it and kick it if necessary, use the iron bit and do "what it takes". There is a reason why we have harder bits and sharper spurs, no?

So what are you talking about?


The above I heard time and time again.

Until I proved with tens of so called problem horses, that I could fix things where "specialists" failed.

There is another way!

Decades ago, I (Dirk, the owner and founder of the club) learned to ride horses the traditional way. But one day, I ran into serious trouble with my horse that refused to do something it had done dozens of times before without problem or hesitation. It ended up in both me and my horse getting nervous, sweaty and angry.

I decided that I wouldn never again do anything with horses in that way again. That same day I started looking for better solutions.  This is how I first came into contact with natural horsemanship.


I took my time, read many books and studied the ideas of several natural horsemen. I was most struck by Pat Parelli with whose system I went to work. I passed two of the Parelly Levels with two of my horses. Along the way, also because of starting up a horse hotel in France, I built up quite some experience and gathered a whole lot of knowledge about horses' behavior. I ended up helping dozens of owners with their unmanageable or not rideable horses and am nowadays so romantically called a "horsewhisperer".

The club in Varna (Kichevo)

When I started the club in Kichevo, I insisted on not being mainstream and did not want to work in the same way as the common (Bulgarian) horseriding club. I decided to also use my natural horsemanship skills and combine them with my expertise as Innovation Coach, specialized in "the future" and innovative ways of working.

Our club building was constructed, following Belgian quality standards and for example access was also made possible for people in wheelchairs and decent lavatories, showers and changing rooms are provided.  

When it comes to the horses, they are kept in the most natural way possible. So for example when our horses are not working, they are outside in our prairies, socially interacting, being horses. We do not contain them in boxes where they are deprived of the social interaction they need so hard. They are not just fed a few times per day, we try to make sure they have access to good natural food all day long and can decide themselves when they eat and how much they eat. We are not going to explain here in detail in what ways we keep and treat our horses differently, but the main thing to remember is that how we treat our horses is based on - and we quote a great horseman, Pat Parelli - love, language and leadership, in equal doses.

And now what do we offer to companies?

Well, now, think about this, what what can you reach if you combine the following things :

the communication skills that I have with those fabulous animals &

my vast knowledge of our technological future &

my 30-years of experience in managing companies and leading people...

You can imagine, as a company, we can offer to other companies so much more then just "some teambuilding". But not only to companies, because after all, also families are organizations like a company... Curious? Well, we are only one phonecall or email away.

What are you still waiting for? Just contact us...

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