In this case, with "special" we both mean the special things we do, but at the same time the things we do for "special people". We have activities that one maybe not immediately will connect to a horse club.

Are you dreaming of a stay in the heart of a working horseclub? This is your possibility. We rent our appartment, situated on the first floor of the club. Still you have a separate entrance and so can be all on your own. But if you wish, you can take part in the daily activities. Of course horse riding is one of the possibilities, but staying with the horses in the prairies, brushing them, cleaning stables, going on walks, riding bikes, nothing you can dream of is impossible. Just take a look here and get an impression of the apartment. 

Horses are such special animals and can mean so much more to us than just an animal to ride. It has for example been proven that horses particularly have a very good effect on autistic people. Handicapped or mentally disabled people have shown very good results due to contact with horses. Horses have this kind of "magic". They are really pure in their being. They don't ask questions, they don't judge. First and foremost they "are". In many cases, this mere fact is really liberating and opens up a whole range of possibilities. Take a look at our item "hippotherapy") or follow this link

We are working at and looking constantly for new things we can offer. We only start up things when we are sure that what we offer is of good quality. Where we lack the knowledge or experience, we try to learn from (or attract) people that can help us build a qualitative service. 

Right now we are starting up yoga for riders and yoga on horseback. We have so much more ideas. We plan on realizing them one by one. Should you have ideas about what could be interesting, send us a message. Reach us through email, Facebook, Twitter or give us a call or come visit us to tell us your idea.

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